Thoughout the past decades there has been various authors, scientists, researchers a.o. that got involved with keeping record of the Jewish Community of Rhodes or referencing to the Community as an integral part of Rhodian heritage and history.

Some of them are:

  • Angel, Marc D., The Jews of Rhodes, New York 1978
  • Franco, Hizkia M., Les martyrs juifs de Rhodes et de Cos, Elisabethville 1952
  • Galante, Avram, Histoire des Juifs de Rhodes, Cos, etc., Istanbul 1935
  • Galante, Avram, Appendice ? l’Histoire des Juifs de Rhodes, Istanbul 1948
  • Levy-Amato, Rebecca, I remember Rhodes, New York 1987 (bilingual Ladino and English)
  • Menasce-Fintz, Estber, Gli Ebrei a Rodi, Milano 1992
  • Stavroulakis N.P. and Devinney T.J., Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece, Athens 1992
  • Strumza, Vitalis, Alcuni cenni storici sugli Ebrei di Rodi, Bologna 1936, (bilingual Italian and French)