Dear Friends
We, the Jewish Community of Rhodes, would like to wish you Le Shanah Tovah U Metuka as the new year nears. May the New Year 5777 be filled with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

It is because of your generosity that we have been able to keep the doors of the Kahal Shalom Synagogue open. We can only thank you for your moral and financial support during all the years following the tragic end of our, once, vibrant community murdered by the Nazis in a land far from their sweet homes.

Seventy four years later your help has kept the doors of our holy temple opened. From the four corners of the world, you have come here to celebrate weddings, family reunions, Bar and Bat Mitzvot and Yom Hakipourim. Every year at the Kahal Shalom Synagogue there are services for our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur led by a Hazan.
You are behind our strength, our moral support. Your presence gives us the will to keep going, and to preserve the memory of our parents and of our forefathers.
As we are about to enter the ten days of Penitence, may we all be inscribed “en los livros de buenavida ” , in the Books of Good Destiny.

President   Bella Angel Restis
The Kahal Shalom Synagogue Team:
Sami Modiano
Carmen Cohen
Isaac Habib
Anna Kapeta
Magda Georgiopoulou

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